Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Moments of Clarity

So, truth be told, I am in the middle of one of life's trying times. We all go through them, right? Some last longer than others. Some worse than others. So, how do we deal? I look around and see so many of my peers struggling with one thing or another. I see us all dealing in different ways, some healthy, some not so much. And then, that too becomes a struggle in and of itself. Once we are middle aged, married, have children and careers, the struggle is REAL people! 

So, what's my point to stating the obvious? I'm sure you've already made all the same observations. And you may think I'm resembling Rainman with my need to state the obvious and then repeat things, but, I have a point. I promise!

In a moment of clarity today, I realized I was worrying so much about developing the blog and having a plan for it's direction that, I haven't even really re-started it. Sure, I posted that I was going to start. Then I posted a couple more times but a month apart. I was letting my worrying control me as I usually do. So then it HIT ME! I should be writing about all this worrying and my entire process to get to this point! because IT IS THE BLOG! 

Metro-Mama, a state of mind, not location. Right? Right. Wow! Let me sarcastically point out that I may be a genius here, NOT! When I first came up with the blog and the title several years ago, I was focused so much on the location part of it, that until now, I'm just realizing (refer back to sarcastic statement about my smarts) there are so many different avenues I can take with the state of mind part of it! 

I know, just smile and nod. I'm slow sometimes! OR, PERHAPS, focused on so many other things in my circus of a life that I had not given it, it's due time for thoughtful reflection. Mind blowing isn't it? Right in front of me the whole time! Haha! (I hope you're laughing with me, and not at me. But honestly I wouldn't blame you. I laugh AT myself all the time!) 

So, without further adieu, I will let you in on a passion of mine: mental health. While I am not a therapist, or licensed in any way in this area, I am an avid observer of people. People watching is my favorite form of entertainment. It's one of America's most beloved pastimes that no one considers a pastime! And, the more I write, the more you'll see that I have a clear addiction to analyzing everything. As well as other addictions or struggles (enter control freakish-ness stage left). And, I am a self-proclaimed bookworm. Yep, I'm a nerd people! That's ok! I'm ok with that! Nerds can be sexy too! (Giggles). 

Anyhow, stay tuned. Until next time! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

"TABLE TOPICS" - The New Catch Phrase For Family Dinnertime Conversation Starters

I'm BAAA-aaaaaaaaak!  I know, I know, my lagging between posts is a turn off and I am vowing to get better at writing more often!  Even if it's just a note or thought of the day.  I promise my absence has not been wasted on lollygagging!  I've been researching and reading a TON!!  So, I'm sure my random thoughts or notes that I start writing now will be organized into REAL category topics, etc. as Metro-Mama get developed more.

So, while I've been procrastinating on the chore chart or chore list that I've been vowing to make for the last couple years, I've added more DIY and "mommy blogger" projects to my never ending wish-list of things I'd like to do or make to become a better parent, more efficiently run home, etc.  Today I looked up "family dinner conversation topics" on Pinterest (one of my favorite sites and clearly an addiction I've had to get under control!  HAHA!).  Of course there've been many a mommy blogger before me with this idea and many fun printables.  I've printed a few and hope to make a jar or bucket or container of sorts.  So, I will report back with more about my findings and experience with the project.  I HAVE actually printed out several and tested it out at the dinner table tonight.  It went over well!  Our test "Table Topic" was, "If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?"

So, reader(s) {HAHA!  I crack myself up!  I realize this blog is so new and underdeveloped} I will let you sit on that topic and decide for yourself what animal you might choose.  I chose a spider monkey.  Around the table we had a dolphin, cat, fish and owl.  I'm not really sure what that says about us?! but we had fun and smiles during our discussion.  Dinner time has definitely helped us gel more as a family.  More on that topic later.

Keeping it real and believing in mind over matter,
Chief Executive Metro-Mama (giggles)