Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Best Beauty Product Sampler EVER!

How many products do you have sitting in your bathroom or storage closet unused? I have TONS! I have the solution for you. If you have not already heard there is this amazing product sampling kit that will show up at your house every 3 months with the BEST beauty magazine you will ever read. It is called New Beauty Test Tube. LOVE IT!!

This Test Tube contains several trial and full size samples of many different products from anti-wrinkle creams to full bottles of hairspray. Along with the samples is a small pamplet that tells in great detail what each product claims to do and what it is made of. Then on top of all that you get this magazine that is like a book completely full of everything you need to know about every possible beauty subject. Want to know how to get rid of those tiny fine lines around your eyes, this magazine will tell you what product is the best along with how you can change your diet to help these products work best! AND, there are discounts and coupons from several manufacturers and online stores to buy these product if you like them after you have tried them. Can I say perfect!!

I just count down the days until this box arrives with the test tube and I rip it open like a kid on Christmas morning. It is insane but let me tell you I have found some of the most amazing products that I will never live with out again from this test tube. Next week I will share some of my favs and tell you where to get them and include some coupon codes to use.

So stop getting frustrated with buying to much CRAP that does not work. Spend the measly $29.95 every 3 months and sample away. Oh and almost forgot to tell you QVC is debuting a special Test Tube right now, take a look and try it out. If you want to go for the gold and buy the program (you can cancel at any time) you can purchase it here.


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