Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fav Products From The Test Tube

Last week I gave away a little secret of mine by sharing The Test Tube program. LOVE IT!! I wish they would send one every month, lol. Anyways, I said I would share some of my fav products so today I will share two products of which I will NEVER live without.
Oh my gosh I see this little white bottle with the pink lid and I just smile, ha ha, silly I know but let me tell you this stuff works. Lumene Time Freeze is amazing. This is not your mamas Olay! For the bargain price of around $20.00 this fabulous, silky cream will smooth away all those nasty little lines. For me it is the ones right between my eye brows just above my nose. HATE THEM! I put a little of this on and voila they are so smooth and barely there. Seriously I hate needles so this is like my surgical procedure with out the freaking out. Give it a try. I just bought a trial size package with cleanser, toner and this cream at for $6.00. Ulta has some great trial size products to purchase so you can try before you buy a big jar. While your there try some of Lumenes Vitamin C+ creams, love them as well.
Next little product that makes me smile is this Volumnizing Mascara from Mally I just recently used this mascara and have fallen in love. I am a freak about my eye lashes. I am that silly girl that will spend 30 minutes making my lashes perfect. This mascara really does make your lashes thicker, no clumping, no stringy little lashes all over the place. It really does make a difference. Try it out, you'll love it.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion next week. So all you fashionistas tune in for fabulous finds!

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