Monday, February 21, 2011

From Drab to Fab

Since I am now done having babies it is time to start thinking about getting rid of some baby fat and back to looking like me! Now this may be a ways down the road but this dress is fabulous. I am not a big Kardashian follower so never mind it is on Kim Kardashian, but look at the dress. I love it! Simple enough but it makes a pretty big statement. Red is not usually not my first choice but let me tell you since I have not had the bod to wear stylish clothes I have chosen darker colors so not to draw attention to problem areas. You all know what I mean and you all have done it, unless your not a mom in which case I don't want to hear about it:) So the red is a fitting color to reclaim my independence from motherhood and start feeling like me again, that super sexy 116 lb. brunette with perky ta-ta's. Ok, you got me the perky ta-ta's might be a stretch but that is why I shop at Victoria's Secret.

If you admire retro vintage style clothing, as I do, then I have found the website for you. It is called Stop Staring!, oh my gosh I love it. I have always had a fascination with sexy retro style dresses, I just have never found the guts to wear it and have never been able to find a good place to buy them. On Stop Staring! you will find every style of sexy you are wanting including this dress. I also found it on Amazon here. Love Amazon and free shipping. Anyways take a look and if I do buy this dress, which as I sit here and look at it more I am getting even more tempted, I will have to take some pics and post them.

Why don't you share some of you sexy outfits with us. Tell us where you got it. We love finding new items, anything to reclaim sexiness!

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