Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WHHYYY do they NOT believe me?

They believe me when I told them Santa put those gifts under the tree-despite the fact that I am generally a ragged mess with tape and tinsel in my hair Christmas morning. They also believe me when I tell them that the Tooth Fairy sprained her wing and would make it up to them “tomorrow night.” They also know that I am an educated woman. They come to me for help with their “super hard” homework problems and vocabulary words. They come to me whenever something needs fixed or they need help deciding what to get their dad or other family members gifts. But do they listen when I specifically tell them NOT to do something and the potential consequences of not listening to me?

Yes folks, it was another “I told you so” moment in the Leximom’s home this afternoon. After specifically telling my oldest yard monkey not to bring her brand new iTouch 4 (that her FATHER bought her for her 13th birthday) to our friends POOL this afternoon, what does she do? Now, I didn’t only tell her it could get wet, and that she wouldn’t have time to listen to it anyway, AND I really didn’t want her using her $250.00 iTouch outside of the house until I picked up her case (which incidentally I was planning on picking up tomorrow.) Guess who sneaks it along anyway? And guess what happened.

While her new toy managed to not get wet (as it sat on the table unused) the day did not end without incident. As she was showing off her new toy to our friend’s younger girls, little yard monkey brother hit her hand, hand dropped the iTouch, iTouch hit the drive, and the brand new screen shattered. Yep, completely shattered. Hysterics from teenage yard monkey, tears from little yard monkey, and littlest yard monkey hid in the back seat. Awesome. At this point my sympathy was non-existent. And she knew it. She knew she had messed up, and even though little brother shared in the blame, she knew she could not take it out completely on him. So we will cross our fingers as I head to the Apple store tomorrow and hope that it costs less than either my arm or leg to fix the screen. I guess this is a too be continued…Sigh…

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