Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh My, I am in heaven!

Alright all you hot mommas, or those who want to be hot mommas I have got some news for you. I am stinkin excited to have found this and it is silly really because you can find ANYTHING on the internet but this is so fab!

If you don't watch American Idol then you have been missing out on how AMAZING Jennifer Lopez looks. I know what your saying, "if I had that much money I would look that good too". Trust me I say it all the time. Well now is your chance to have what she has to look more than fabulous. I found her make-up artist. This may be old news to some but new news to me. Lovin' it.

Scott Barnes has been Jennifer Lopez' make-up artist for quite some time. She is on the cover of one of his books. And not to mention he is super sexy! Y-U-M-M-Y!
Look at what this man creates, seriously I would sell my soul to look this beautiful (not really, just a joke)!

You can find a store here to buy his products and darn the luck there is not one in my area :-(

So happy shopping ladies, get dewey, get beautiful and do it like the pros!

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