Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bring On Spring!

Who is ready for spring? Some of you may already be enjoying spring! I was chatting with "I'm lounging by my pool" Stacy the other day and was very JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! Love you girl, just don't love you sitting by the pool when I am wading through rain puddles over here in the Pacific Northwest, HATE IT!!

Anyways, back to something fashionable for spring/summer. Wes Gordon is a new designer who just released his first collection and for the life of me I can not find where to buy his clothing. I have read his line is at Saks and at Nordstroms but when I go to either site I can not find his clothing. FruStrAtInG!

So here is a little eye candy from his Spring 2011 collection. If my thighs did not look like they have been blown up with a hot air machine then I would so wear this with SOOOO much attitude. But my thunder thighs will have to stay hidden.

I hope you enjoy and good luck finding this outfit online. If anyone finds it, PLEASE post a comment. day..... my thunder thighs will go away (with the help of Zerona)  :-)

Army Stretch Cotton Double Breasted Vest
White Stretch Cotton Mesh Flare Tennis Dress

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