Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dior, make me look younger!

So I recently went to the mall in a mad rage to find the latest and greatest products to make me look younger. I have been feeling REALLY old and slumpish (believe me it is not pretty).

Went strolling into Macy's, that is about the most luxurious store that I am closest to right now, and this lady with big ol' black and purple eyes, black roots and what should be blonde hair grabs me and says "do you have time for a make over"? I look at her like, do bears sh** in the woods? Seriously I had no kids with me and HELL YA I have time for a make over. The question is do YOU have time to make ME over?!

Well she begins to tell me lets just do your eyes and see what we can do. I then tell her you just better do the whole face cause I am not walking around looking like I just got tossed out of a car after a hard night of partying. So off all my make up goes and away she begins.

To make a long story short I looked "better" but the tone of my make-up was WAY off. Ya know how in high school you would see girls with that line around their chin, they looked like The Mask only brown/orange instead of green, well that was me. But, to her defense the cremes she used were fab and the best part is she made my under eye look AMAZING!!!! I seriously wanted to kiss her, but didn't! She was wearing so much make-up I was afraid of getting toxic poisoning from her if I came into contact with her. Ok, I am being a little harsh on the make-up lady. She was seriously the nicest make-up lady.

Ok, back to the EYES! I looked 5 years younger. It was all because of the under eye creme and a magic concealer pen. These two products now live amongst the greats in my make-up zoo. Let me tell you what I bought:

SkinFlash Radiance Booster Pen. LLLLAAAAA, did you hear the angels sing? You will when you put this on.

But you have to put the eye cream on first or else you will have a big dang mess of crap hangin on your wrinkles under your eyes. 

So put this eye creme on first, your eyes will thank you! Hydra Life Sorbet Eye Creme.

You now have been exposed to one of my shopping trips. Try these products out, tell me what you think. The eye creme, of course, will take about 4-6 weeks before you start seeing a hugh difference. I assure you using this creme then the Booster Pen will make you feel and look amazing!

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